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Investment In Forex – What Time Frame Should I Look At?

March 7, 2013 0 Comments

Forex investment is a smart investment. However, like any other investment, also a Forex investment carries a risk. So if you choose to trade, always remember that you are taking a risk, no matter what anyone else tells you.

In previous years the Forex market was not available to everyone (including private individual investors), however, nowadays things are very much different. With the Internet, the Forex has opened up, and become available to nearly everyone. Individual investors can trade online via special websites, software, banks, brokers, and various other private or public firms.

For each individual, the nature of his/her investment changes according to the means with which s/he chooses to trade (and also according to personal preferences). For example, one chooses to buy, then to sell straightaway; one buys a certain currency right after a financial report was released, then sells it within minutes of the purchase. A different approach is to buy a currency and to hold on to it for a long time (week, month, months). However not all online trading platforms allow traders to take both approaches. Some platforms are specifically geared towards day traders (which usually invest short-term) whereas others are geared towards over-night trades, and even others are exclusively geared towards traders who are interested in investing for extended periods of time.

Whether one chooses to go for a long-term investment or a short-term investment depends on many factors. Just to mention a few such factors: it depends on the amount of funds one is willing/able to trade, whether one trades on leverage, and/or whether one uses a broker.

Having mentioned the risk involved in trading, it is important to also mention that Forex investment is a relative secure investment. That is to say, a secure and safe trading platform, allows you to limit not only the amount you invest, but also the amount you risk.

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